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Coral 2015

Coral 2015

Coral was brought in to Feilding SPCA by a member of the public. She had a terribly infected abscess on her head under one of her eyes. She came in VERY grumpy also! But we knew it was because she was in pain so we tried to keep her as calm as possible. We took her to the Vet immediately and they gave her antibiotics to help with the infection. They also noticed that she was completely blind in one eye, they believed she had a ruptured retina and that it may never heal.

Once Coral had some pain relief and she was 'on the mend', she became the nicest cat! Very affectionate and outgoing toward everyone. Unfortunately, she never regained sight in that eye, but that didn't stop a lovely man from falling in love with her and taking her home! She now is the queen bee of a Bed 'n' Breakfast and is free to meet new people everyday!



In October 2013 "Jak" a 3-year old Maltese X was found wandering the streets of Woodville.  Someone had taken the task of neutering Jak into their own hands, applying an elastrator ring to his testicles. 

Elastator rings, also known as 'docking rings' are commonly used to dock lamb tails and castrate livestock.

By the time Jak was picked up by Animal Control he was in a bad state.

Jak required surgery to remove a large amount of dead tissue around his testicular area.

Once Jak was back at the Manawatu SPCA Centre after having recuperated from his surgery, he soon became a favourite of staff and volunteers.  It didn't take long before one of the volunteers fell in love with him and decided to adopt him.

These photos have been taken in his new home. As you can see, he is doing very well and it looks like he may even have his own teddy bear to sleep with.



Manawatu SPCA received an emergency call for a cat that had been hit by a car.
Upon arrival the staff member found a very cute, long haired black and white young cat in a very bad condition.   This was Hank.

Poor Hank could not walk. He was suffering from two broken legs. One in the front and one at the back.

Anderson Vet Hospital kindly donated their time and costs involved to remove the femoral head of his hind leg and pin the humerus on his front leg.

Hank was required to undertake six weeks cage rest. He was sent out on foster with a very kind couple who fell in love with him, gave him the name of 'Hank the Purrminator' and ended up giving him his forever home.

Hank is now doing very well and is loved by all his family, including his three canine companions.

Here is what Hank's new owners have to say about him:
"We've decided to keep him as an indoor cat as he still does limp around a wee bit, but he doesn't seem to care about it at all. He and the dogs get along really well with regular cuddles and play time - he does think he is more canine than feline though - squeak a toy and he comes sprinting!

He is one big cuddle wussbag – if there is a lap, he will sit and purr… if you’re in bed he will burrow under the covers with you and cuddle up for a snooze.

He is well and truly a unique little buddy who has fit in like a champ… it’s like he has always been here! 

We are super pleased he is a part of our pack and feel chuffed as mustard that he is such an awesome wee chap - we are glad we can be his Forever Home"



Tessie came to us from the local council pound after being picked up as a stray and not having being claimed by an owner.

As you can see by the photo below, Tessie was very scruffy and overweight. It was hard to determine her breed due to her condition.

This is how Tessie arrived at our centre

Tessie was hairy and had a matted dirty coat. She had infected eyes and couldn’t see very well.

Tessie was given a health check by the Vet. She was very overweight for her size, weighing in at 10.3kg. The Vet advised us that for her own saftey she would have to lose weight prior to her spey surgery.

So off for a visit to The Pet Care Company Tessie went.  The lovely ladies there washed and clipped her and what a wonderful job they did!  Next Tessie went out on foster with Kelly from The Pet Care Company and was put on a strict diet regime in order to loose weight and become fit in preparation for her spey.

This is how Tessie arrived back at our centre after her weight loss and groom

Foster Mum Kelly did an excellent job. Little Tessie came back 3.5kg lighter and full of life. The staff barely recognized her as she strutted into the building.

This adorable little character was now ready to be speyed and re-homed.

Without the help of local companies and our wonderful dedicated fosterers we wouldn’t be able to help the likes of Tessie in finding her forever home.

We can’t thank everyone enough who helped us with Tess, especially Kelly and The Pet Care Company.



Quill came into our centre as a stray cat after being hit by a car.  He had a tail-pull injury and a broken rear leg. As a result, his tail required amputation and his leg was pinned for six-weeks. 

Quill was adopted after he recovered from his injuries.


Percy came into the centre as an entire male and was covered in abscesses, a typical tom cat trait.

He had a very infected abscess on his head that required medication and treatment. He was taken care of by the vet nurses at the centre and ended up staying for quite some time.

Percy was adopted by a special family who ended up calling him Colby (because they thought he had a very cheesy smile).  Cute!

We think that he looks right at home and very happy by the looks of his photo.



Aries was found by our Inspector in an emaciated state, missing most of his coat due to a skin infection and with infected ears. He only weighed in at 18 kg.

He was brought back to good health after having been cared for at our centre. Thanks to the nutritional Hills Science diet that he received, his weight was increased to 30 kg and his coat grew back to a thick glossy state.

Aries' owner was prosecuted and found guilty of failing to alleviate pain and distress of her animal.

Aries was adopted into a lovely family and enjoys regular walks on the beach with his canine companions.



This was Jo-Jo a Labrador cross dachshund that was surrendered to us.

When she arrived she weighed 26kg.  After being placed on a Hills weight loss food programme Jo Jo was rehomed, weighing in at 18.1kg and looking fantastic.

She was full of life and much healthier.


Pandora was brought into the SPCA at about 4 weeks of age during the floods of February 2004.

When Pandora was old enough, she was adopted into a home with two other cats.


Oscar wandered into a local panel and paint shop with a degloved tail. His tail could possibly been run over by a car. The injury required immediate vet attention.

Oscar's tail was amputated and he spent some time recovering at the centre.

Unfortunately we were unable to locate Oscar's owners so he had to be put up for adoption. It was a happy ending for Oscar. He was adopted into a new 'forever' home.

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